About us

If you are finding quality and trust, then we come first.  Our dedication and passion provide one of the best and high-quality products.

MetaHuman Gear is a radical quality focused anabolic steroid brand and our experts and highly qualified professionals make it a hugely successful brand line. Our only passion is to provide you with high standards and quality services in order to gain what you are exactly looking for without compromising your health. We care about our customers most; their health and concerns come first. We are experienced pharmaceutical company with medicines and we launched our own brand in order to bring out products of good quality so that we can replace bad ones from the market that can cause enough harm to you and your health.

As we are specialized in pharmaceutical and biotechnology packaging and production, all products supplied by us comply with strict public legislation to ensure efficiency and legality. We work with different enthusiastic and passionate people to bring innovation and progress to the use of steroids by dedicating all our efforts and hard work.

MetaHuman Gear strongly believes you should have the freedom to decide what’s best for your body when it comes to your health and fitness. You should be able to make the right decision about any standard treatment method based on the right resources. MetaHuman Gear, therefore, provides a completely safe platform on which you can make important decisions about your body and your health.

Quality required? Quality guaranteed!

MetaHuman Gear assures you that our products are high in quality and manufactured in a way that gives you your desired results without being detrimental to your health. Our manufactured centres are equipped with the latest technologies and dedicated qualified experts with an aim to provide you best and hygienic products.

Our Products

We have launched our new series of spectacular and market unbeatable products to provide you with what you always want to achieve. The additional incentive, sharp focus, great gains, a delicious muscle pump, is what you always desired for? Then congratulations, you have got it.

We have been burning the midnight oil to give the best of our products and steroids. We offer a full spectrum of products including oral steroids, steroids, injectable steroids, at MetaHuman Gear and all of our products are genuine and have a unique packaging, on which our official logo can be verified.

Our products are eco-friendly and packaging is fully recyclable. We believe in dignity and quality and this is what we will provide you always.

Who we are!

Imagine a world where you can easily get steroids, only by legitimate, official and trustworthy manufacturers, with a realistic approach to “what you expect is what you get”, with the highest standards of security and privacy, and such friendly customer support, you’d love to meet in person? Well, you can finally have it all with us.

MetaHuman Gear is a website that offers you a wide range of products by the use of the latest pharmaceutical research to produce anabolic steroids of the finest quality according to your needs.  Anabolic steroids from MetaHuman Gear have become very popular among many due to our high standard and quality. Today, with thousands of reliable and cherishing customers, we provide dozen of steroids. We also provide you with very friendly and expert customer support in any case or emergency.

What is Metahuman?

A MetaHuman is a super-powered person. The term is synonymous with both mutant and metastasize. That’s what we want! By using MetaHuman Gear products with the right quantities and usage, your thoughts can be translated into reality.

Why choose us? 

We run all required tests on our products in our private laboratories, fused with advanced technology and passionate experts, for assurance and quality before they launched in the market! We also set high standards so that we always guarantee our products and quality assurance.

Moreover, we provide products with a complete description of dose, concentrations of all ingredients, and usage along with your food intake and meal plans. If you are confused or having a trouble of understanding when, how and what should I eat with daily use of products then we are very happy and willingly here to help you. Our customer support services are open 365 days for 24/7, to guide you, help you, and assist in you in all kind of obscuring situation and will answer all the queries.

MetaHuman Gear aims to help its customers achieve their goals, personalize their health experiences, provide innovative support and make a difference. Our strong sense of identification with our customer targets means, even for concerns that we still do not know, that we constantly strive to provide solutions. To this end, the latest technology and product development are being developed progressively. This sense of identification also means that we value and foster a smooth interaction with our own teams and ensure that their interaction is the best value.